Your 2023 Knitting Horoscope

Your 2023 Knitting Horoscope

We made it to 2023! As we now have a full year of knitting ahead of us, I felt it would be fun to consult with the stars and find out what they see for the year ahead. Do I believe in astrology? Generally, no (but it is always good to be prepared.) However, there are often knitting projects where you are certain the stars and planets are in control (in either a good or bad way) rather than your own skillful knitting. So, for 2023, maybe we should consult the stars and find out what the zodiac reveals for this year's fiber crafting.

For highly motivated Aries, you will be ready for interesting beginnings this year. And what could be a more interesting beginning than bobbles and lace at the top of this top-down sweater by Camilla Vad? Though I am not an Aries, Magnolia Bloom is in my queue for 2023. I am planning on knitting it in Rowan Kid Classic, a favorite with Rowan knitters for many years. 

Already very focused, this will be a year of learning for you Tauruses. My advice is to pick something that won't interfere with your regular life. Try ribbing instead of brioche but make it something fun! Stephen West's Ribbing Please would be a perfect choice. Pick out some neutral colors of Woolfolk Tov, and then make the project pop with color from Three Irish Girls Springvale DK or Worsted, The Backcountry Knitter Merino Worsted or Malabrigo Washted or Rios.

Duality runs in a Gemini's nature. 2023 looks like it will be a prosperous one yet sensible decisions are still important. Bergen from Lang is one of our newest yarns. This bulky weight alpaca-blend yarn is named after the colorful Norwegian houses in the city of Bergen. The pullover has a very practical name, PTO-043_10 Lang Yarns Bergen but the yarn is like a Nordic excursion.
Gemini II

Because Geminis can like opposite things at any different time (and my newsletter proofreader is a Gemini), I have added an additional pattern for them. Forsten from Woolfolk Design Team is still a turtleneck but has a completely different energy. Rather than color, Forsten, knit in Woolfolk Flette Bulky is all about texture.

Cancers often like crawling into their comfort zone when they get the opportunity. 2023, however, is the year to be bold. So, how about knitting gingham?  Jessie Maed Designs' Gr8 Gingham Raglan includes instructions for both short and long sleeves, a ribbed or i-cord neck finish, and general guidance on modifying body and raglan length to your preference. Bold yarn choices include Homestead Sport from Primrose, Soft Sport from Moondrake, and Dyed in the Wool from Spincycle.

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley

For brave Leos, 2023 looks to be a year to focus on contentment. Pressed Flowers from Amy Christoffers is her attempt at "preserving all the green grass and flowers for when I need a little sunshine in the depths of winter." This is another pattern in my queue. From my desk at the store, I look at Homestead Sport from Primrose Yarn Company and think about the Pressed Flowers that I want to knit using skeins of that beautiful yarn. Other yarn possibilities are Dyed in the Wool or Dream State from Spincycle Yarns and Alpaca Classic or Felted Tweed from Rowan.

Helpful and dependable Virgos should avoid rushing to conclusions in 2023. To keep you working at a steady pace, try the rhythmic colorwork of the Moonwake Cowl from Andrea Mowry. The pattern calls for incredibly soft and warm mYak Baby Yak Medium which we stock. Other yarn ideas which we have in inventory are Quince and Co. Lark, Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok WorstedWoolfolk Far and Brooklyn Tweed Arbor.

Finding silver linings will be the key to happiness for creative and kind Libras this year. A good place to find a silver lining is with Jennifer Steingass' Silver Forest. Because you knit the pullover in fingering weight yarn, you can wear it often - indoors, layered in the winter, as an outer layer in the spring or even on chilly summer nights like we have here in Park City. Silver Forest is casual enough to throw on with a pair of jeans yet nice enough to wear to a special occasion. The pattern recommends Brooklyn Tweed Loft which we carry in beautiful silvery colors. 

The goal in 2023 for determined and passionate Scorpios is to learn to be more happy-go-lucky. Wearing Caitlin Hunter's Easy V will certainly help with that. The Easy V sweater is knit top down in the round and features a subtle V shaped neckline which transitions to a round colorwork yoke design. The colorwork is easy to work with short repeats and only 2 colors per row, making the knitting fun and relaxing while letting your color choices stand out as the star of this sweater.

This sweater is designed to have a relaxed, easy fit- perfect for everyday wear. My yarn recommendation for the colorwork is Primrose Yarn Company Homestead Worsted. Another yarn option is Dream State from Spincycle Yarns. Journey Worsted from Julie Asselin would be beautiful as the main color.

For those generous and trustworthy people born under the Sagittarius sign, 2023 should be a very favorable year as long as they avoid some nasty twists. To avoid these nasty twists, I would pick a pattern designed by Isabell Kraemer. She is the one designer whose patterns I return to again and again because of her simple yet beautiful designs and well-written patterns. Forager is one of her more recent patterns and one that would be beautiful in Moordale from Rowan, a sumptuous wool and alpaca blend.

Capricorns should feel free to express themselves this year. By doing this, they will find success in 2023.  Thea Colman's Mastiha was released last year, and I've been thinking about this sweater since I saw it. Designed for Julie Asselin's Journey Worsted, a comforting and inspiring blend of non-superwash Rambouillet and Targhee the sweater has crisp detail that isn't overwhelming. Mastiha is the cardigan that you can plan to live in and be yourself.

In 2023, kind and understanding Aquarians may want to find some "me" time to achieve better things during the year ahead. Knitting a soft and comforting garment to wrap yourself up in will be a wonderful way to accomplish that. The Sunday Cardigan from PetiteKnit is a little cocoon with beautiful feminine details. One yarn option is Woolfolk Luft which is a bulky but lightweight miracle; a chainette tube of the finest Pima cotton filled with the Ultimate Merino fleece. This produces a season-spanning, durable yarn that is a pleasure to work with and to wear.

If you are a Pisces, this is the year to spread happiness to attract the same in your life. It is also a good year to be open minded and learn new things. Marie Greene's Sailaway Cardigan evokes happiness. There are so many yarn options which means even more color options. Yarns like Berroco Ultra Wool and Malabrigo Rios are great choices as are Primrose Yarn Company Homestead Sport and Homestead Worsted, and Three Irish Girls Springvale DK and Springvale Worsted. Marie Greene even offers instructional videos for this cardigan making it a great opportunity to expand your knitting knowledge.
If you were inspired by your 2023 Knitting Horoscope either for your sign or perhaps for one you are on the cusp of, please stop by the store or give us a call. We would love to help you get started on this year's journey. Given that the majority of my starwatching is on my Night Sky 2 app, I want to thank for their inspiration. I also want to wish you all a very wonderful 2023.

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